About Me

Dr. Chris Tomshack, D.C.

When Dr. Chris Tomshack realized the model he had been using to run four very successful chiropractic clinics was broken, he knew it was time to either change or die. He chose to change. He then realized that the same problems that plagued him - lack of free time, an inability to keep up with an ever-changing and complicated insurance and compliance model, and a constant battle to keep his team trained and patients educated - were also destroying the lives of other chiropractors. This inspired him to replicate the model that he created by franchising his four chiropractic clinics in 2006.

It all boiled down to systems - systems so effective they allow clinics to run on autopilot so the doctor can focus 100% on patient care. Since 2006, Dr. Tomshack has been able to teach all 400 doctors who have signed up to join HealthSource, the largest chiropractic family in the world, that they really can have a successful clinic that is 100% patient focused and still have all the time off they desire.